Ahmet Akgün, who was the founder of Akgun Refrigeration, was born in 1935 and was the youngest and 5th child of the family. In his early 20s, he came to Istanbul to find his own path. As a result Akgun Refrigeration was founded in 1968 in Beyoglu, İstanbul. The company was run by Ahmet Akgün over 33 years and taken over by his son Hakan Akgün in 2001.This was a mile stone for Akgun because the mission and vision has transformed astonishingly by thinking more innovative and globalized.

Since day one Akgün has been importing and exporting spare parts and components for Air-conditioning and Refrigerationing. As a company, we always aim to bring absolute solutions to our customers with our experienced, trustworthy, and specialized team which will be wel-coming them pleasurably.

Our team always offers their maximum efforts and experiences to the customer with the warmest intentions which will raise the efficiency of the business. Therefore, Akgun provide supports Research and Development projects with trust and privacy.

Akgun is in collaboration with distinguished companies such as, Mitsubishi Electric, Viessman, Midea, Samsung, Mitsubishi Heavy, Gree.

Akgun is official distributor of international brands such as, Panasonic Industrial, Rothenber-ger Pipe Tools, Viscol Lubricants.

Besides, with Akgun sell and manufacture its own brands products for domestic and global market.

In Turkish Market Akgun has over 250 sub-distributor, over 5K end user and over 50 OEM cos-tumers.

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